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Vaastu Shastra
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 Year 2016
( 2071-72) 
Auspicious Days for Muhurat
Vedic Panchang
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Vaastu Shastra – Area / Plot / Site – Plot Location:

Click on the link below to find out more about how following factors are related with Vaastu Science:
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Importance of Plot Location:

Selection of plot according to Location:
The Roads around the Plot also plays an important role as per Vaastu Shastra for the well being of its habitants.
  • The plot with roads running along on all four sides is the best. It brings health, wealth and happiness
  • It is inauspicious if there are three roads only on the East, South, and West
  • If there are roads on only the East and North side, that is good
  • The plot with roads running along on three sides - on the North, West, and East is not so good.
  • Roads on the North, South, and West is also not so good
  • If there are roads on the West and North, it is average
  • The plot with a road running along and ending at the North-East corner is very good. But if the road ends on any other part of the plot it is usually not good
  • A road on the East or north side of the plot is good, but a road on the South or West side is not so good

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